Saving the earth through music

Lil Dicky's new hit, “Earth.”

Lil Dicky’s new hit, “Earth.”

Uroob Saeed, Web Editor

Last Friday, American rapper and comedian Lil Dicky released his most recent hit song, “Earth.” It currently has over 39 million views on YouTube, featuring more than 30 celebrities, and successfully bringing attention to the various environmental issues we are facing.

The music video features himself as a human, while the celebrities play a different animal.  In the song, Ariana Grande plays a zebra, Justin Bieber is a baboon, and Ed Sheeran a koala bear. The purpose of having all these people play cute animals brings awareness towards the decrease in biodiversity and the difficulty in adaptation for these species with the drastic change in climate. Even though the video appears  to be nice and cute, it is definitely NOT something for little children. The song contains inappropriate images and use of violent language throughout, some parts even disturbing. Snoop Dogg’s role is quite peculiar because he is a marijuana plant. Lil Dicky chose to include this on purpose to address the main distractions people have that keep them from recognizing reality. Sexual desires are also featured to emphasize  how much our planet will suffer if we choose to continue to ignore these problems. Fortunately, Lil Dicky did release a clean version of the music video two days ago, although I still would not feel comfortable showing it to my parents or young children…

Another interesting aspect was Kanye West-played by Kevin Hart. Viewers were furious as to why Kevin Hart played another celebrity, instead of an animal like the others, or why Kanye West did not voice himself in the song. In a recent interview, the rapper said he wanted to win the attention of President Trump, so featuring celebrities that support him would hopefully make Trump take initiative in helping the environment. As for Kanye West not appearing in the video, it was simply because Lil Dicky couldn’t get in contact with him. Towards the end of the video, the song takes on a more serious note. Lil Dicky says to viewers that they should listen to Leonardo DiCaprio and support his organization because he has a lot of knowledge about these issues and their effects. Lil Dicky states that we have only 12 years to turn the environmental crisis around before it’s too late.

With its catchy tune, cute animations, various celebrities, and underlying satire, Lil is safe to say that Lil Dicky did a great job in raising awareness on pressing issues of our world today. If people do not stop spreading violence and continue to refuse to gain knowledge on this topic, there will be no way to stop the harmful effects our actions brought on other species, as well as ourselves. Hopefully, now actions will be taken to save our planet.