Poster for the movie confirms the appearance of Harold in the movie.

Savannah Henslee, Staff Writer

Alvin Schwartz is the writer of the children’s horror stories Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. This book is a collection of different short pieces of horror writings including stories and songs. They great are horror stories for readers of all ages. Although the stories were creepy on their own, they are not the same without Stephen Gammell’s truly terrifying illustrations. Pictures that forever haunted reader after reading the stories. Pictures that brought the stories to life.

The first book of three was published in 1981 and now, over 30 years later, these stories are being brought back to life. Director André Øvredal and producer Guillermo del Toro have put a new life on these stories. During the Super Bowl it was announced through multiple short commercials that Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark officially has a movie in the works.

This movie is set in Mill Valley, a small town in America, in 1968. Sarah Bellows was a tortured young girl who lived in the Bellows family mansion that is now abandoned. The movie follows a group of teens who find the girl’s secret writings and the gruesome and terrible creatures Sarah wrote about are now coming to life and the stories are mixing up and causing trouble for the young teens. In the original book each of the stories are separate and do not have any correlation to each other but, in the movie, they appear to be combined in some way so instead of being separate shorts, they create one storyline.

With the trailers a few of the iconic creatures from the book have confirmed places in the movie. These include “Harold,” who is shown on the official posters for the movie, and “The Big Toe,” “The Red Spot,” and “The Dream,” whose stories or creatures are shown in the trailers.

Spoilers ahead about the book.

“Harold” is about two farmers who one day decide to make a new scarecrow and make it look like another man whom they both hate. They use this scarecrow as a punching bag and hit, kick, and beat the scarecrow. Eventually they start to hear it growing and get scared, deciding they should leave it alone and stop beating him. After a while, they both decide they just imagined it and started beating him again and Harold starts making more noises and he starts walking on the roof of the farmhouse and that is when they decide it is time to pack up their things and move the cows. Unfortunately, after leaving they realize they forgot their milking stools and instead of just leaving them and buying new ones, one of them goes back while the other is smart enough to stay away and just leave it. The man who went back to the farm was never seen again.

“The Big Toe” is the first story in the book. It is about a boy who finds a toe in the garden and he tries to pick it up from the ground but it is stuck to something. Instead of just leaving it, he just pulls harder until it comes off whatever it was on into his hand. After getting the toe he takes it to his mother in the kitchen and she decides that it is nice and plump and she decides to put it in the soup for dinner. The whole family eats a piece of this toe and then when it gets dark they go to bed. Late in the night the owner of the toe is heard calling for his toe in the street outside. It slowly gets closer and closer until it eventually comes into the house and finds the boy in his room and attacks the boy.

“The Red Spot” is about a girl who noticed a red spot on her cheek and asks her mother what it is. Her mother tells her it looks like a spider bite and not to scratch it saying it will go away eventually. The spot grows into a boil and eventually the mother decides that maybe it is infected and they will go to the doctor as soon as he was available. Unfortunately, he was not available the next day. The girl decides to take a bath that night and while relaxing in the warm water, the boil bursts and a bunch of baby spiders come out of her cheek. Turns out it was not just a spider bite a mother spider had laid eggs in the girl’s cheek.

“The Dream” is about traveling to different places. One night a girl has a nightmare about a room and a pale lady warning her the place is evil. She decides to not go to the next place she had planned, assuming that that must be where the nightmare had taken place. She is told of another place that is a beautiful place to go. When she gets there, she is told that there is a house on the hill where she can find a room to stay. When she gets to the house and is shown the room, it is the one from her dream and she thinks, hopefully, that this must just be a coincidence. Eventually the pale lady from her dream shows up there and she runs from the place.

These are some of the most iconic stories in the trilogy and it appears to be a promising movie. There is no information regarding whether or not these are the only of the original stories being used in the movie but there appears to be the possibility of new creatures or possibly the merging of more than one of the creatures from multiple stories into one.