Lightning McQueen was on top of the world until one mistake brought him searching for redemption.

Lightning McQueen was on top of the world until one mistake brought him searching for redemption.

Jacob Damboise, Staff Writer

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Children’s movies, ahh, the nostalgia that comes with these childhood memories. The children of their generation can connect to this now a days. Now all the boring stuff is over, I’m talking about the movie Cars, that “kachow!” movie. There’s even more age-old movies but we are focusing on a nostalgic film focusing on this exact movie called Cars. This involves all of the existing sequels, not the planes movie.


The fantasma of our pure childishness years. Cars. The film if you know you know. The story follows the career of a successful race car who had it all, but he had made a brutal mistake and it cost him the Piston Cup. That would be tuff. He later on left the scene and then when She went on transit to his next destination he accidentally got to the wrong destination! Called Radiator Springs, in a wasteland of the desert mountains area of this car world, It is a whack, small destination. Our main character the champion is causing an uproar because he’s missing the current race going on and is causing the committee to postpone the race or he won’t be able to participate in the competition. Ah “kachow”. our main character Lightning McQueen is an insanely talented master of driving and racing but he’s no longer in the limelight; another is.   This car in the spotlight catchphrase is “kachinga,” and is a rip off of our main character. In our case the villain is not important. The story is really about where he learns to love. I have a thought, how do they reproduce? The question is do they get out of the cars and if they do then what would they look like? Mike Wasowski’s with two eyes everywhere. Still very intrigued as to how these cars reproduce because it is never explained, ever in all of the sequels. Another thought of mine occurred when I was thinking about their genders. How do they assign genders in this world of cars?


He then learns to write his wrongs in the correct way and discover a brand new way, better than it already was prior to so he could drive phenomenally. He then he went on to win the piston cup and fell in love with his sweetheart. Finally discovered “a family and friends”, my favorite part of this movie is that it never ceases to tug on my heart strings and brings back touching memories of reminiscing the old times of our childhoods the sequels cause us to then get to experience even more insight to our growth of us in our generation the connection we all share if you ever really watched this film.