Best Netflix originals

In a world where Netflix makes its own shows and movies, which ones are on top?


Of Netflix’s new spending in 2018, 85% went toward original-content production.

Lauren McCloy

After revolutionizing the television by itself, Netflix decided to do more and began unveiling its own original shows in 2013. And since then they have brought us fantastic movies and TV shows that have become some of the most popular shows in the world. Here’s my list of the best Netflix Originals;


Black Mirror:

This show asks a question that’s not really difficult to imagine in 2019: what happens when technology goes way too far? And Black Mirror is an entertaining answer. Most of the episodes ask hypothetical questions that have resulted from advancement of technology, and is connected to the way we work and live today. It has become one of the top grossing TV shows on Netflix and is continuing to get more and more seasons.


On My Block:

Now hear me out, this show did have some hate on it after season one, but let’s agree that the representation, the plot-line and how intrigued people were for more after season one made it an incredible show.  On My Block is a that show follows four high school freshmen in a coming-of-age story that is both funny and dramatic. This show has had me hooked since it came out and has been important to the media since then as well.


Orange is the New Black:

This dramatic comedy is the jewel of Netflix’s original program list, as it was one of the first original shows.  Orange is the New Black has received nominations and awards for its depiction of an all-female prison. The show has been praised for its thoughtful representations of a diverse group and the laughter, tears and every other emotion it brings to its audience.


Stranger Things:

This back in time sci-fi series caused a huge buzz in the summer of 2016, telling a gripping story that gets more and more exciting with each episode. The mystery of Stranger Things gets deeper and darker in the next two seasons and to be continued. This show is one of the largest on Netflix and for good reason.