TikTok: the new Vine?

The short videos are all the rage.

The short videos are all the rage.

Jacob Damboise, Staff Writer

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Is TikTok becoming the new Vine? Vine was a creator platform for comedy music and short videos; however, in part for growing competition from other apps, including Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter announced that it would shutter Vine as a standalone service. Vine is now no longer a service.

The similarities between Vine and TikTok include that of a short form video content that appeals to younger generations. The brand TikTok is already booming in China. Thanks in part to it now expanding into the West, it has more than 3 billion users. Other social networks have been targeting the competition (such as Facebook , Snapchat, Twitter) because of how many users there are now on TikTok. The TikTok franchise uses ads to collect revenue so that they can maintain it as a stand-alone platform. The TikTok app was not originally combined with Musical. ly; it just added 500 million more users from the West to the TikTok services. Musica.ly was an app for users to generate videos of them either singing or lip singing music. BYTEDANCE consumed this company and infused it with the already popular platform in China, TikTok. TikTok’s timing is very essential because Generation Z is so hypnotized by this short video content on their cellular devices that this app is growing with so many active users. “I like TikTok because it’s so funny, said senior Patrick Roghaar and “I’m obsessed with TikTok,” said senior Bryce Weeden. There ar negative reviews such as, “I hate TikTok” by senior Kevin Madley and “It’s cringe” from senior Josh Pigozzo. TikTok is owned by BYTEDANCE. The name is not familiar outside of China. It is a private company which was founded in 2006. It was a highly valued startup with 3 billion dollars of funding and valued it at 75 billion dollars in capital, TikTok caused other services to raise questions and tried to start other apps to try to steal the spotlight of this app. I believe that TikTok will become bigger than Vine due to the success of this app around the world.

In conclusion, the new app called TikTok is now going to be more popular than Vine its predecessor and is going to put this new generation in another trance of short films made by creators. This app is a collaborative design and helps people gain new relationships and view content they choose to entertain themselves with.

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