Another year, another iPhone

The image above shows what is a brick, oh wait, no that’s the new iPhone 11 Pro. photo provided by

The image above shows what is a brick, oh wait, no that’s the new iPhone 11 Pro. photo provided by

Tiaran Vokes, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again when one of the biggest companies in the world tries to win you over to scam more money out of you. If you guessed the multi-billion-dollar company Apple, then you got it right. Every September, Apple hosts its big reveal convention to show the world the newest technology they have created in the lab; in other words, it’s technology that was invented five years ago that Apple has just found out about.

The biggest reveal of the night was not just one new phone but two. Apple has come out with two new phone models called the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro; how creative. With these new phone models comes new technology. Apple revealed that the iPhone 11 will come with two cameras and will feature new things like an option for night mode photos and the ability to take slow-mo selfies. The iPhone 11 will also have a larger display than the iPhone 11 Pro, but just a tad bit lower quality. The phone is also dust, scratch, and water resistant. The iPhone 11 Pro will have three cameras and will have the highest video quality on any smart phone ever. It will also have a super retina XDR display and spatial audio. And like the iPhone 11, it will be dust, scratch, and water resistant. Apple then later revealed that starting on September 13, 2019, consumers can start preordering these two products. And on September 20, 2019 the product you ordered will be shipped. But how much money will we have to take out of our life savings to buy one of these products, you ask? Well, the answer might surprise you. The iPhone 11 starts with a price tag of just $699, $50 cheaper than the iPhone XR, which came out last year. If the iPhone 11 model doesn’t suit your taste, then you have the option to buy the iPhone 11 Pro, which comes with a starting price of your liver. Nah, I’m kidding; it’s actually worth more, so the starter price on the iPhone 11 Pro will be $999.

As many others know, Apple doesn’t just sell phones they also have products like computers, watches, earbuds, and tablets. And if we’re being honest around here no one really pays attention to these products. But Apple doesn’t care because they revealed the Apple Watch Series 5, which has new features like being able to use it underwater and having an “always on” display. They also revealed another iPad with just a bigger display and longer battery life. And to finish off their night, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, briefly talked about Apple’s newest product, which is their very own streaming service, named Apple TV+. Apple TV+ launches on November 1, 2019, for only $4.99 a month and will feature original shows like The Morning Show, See, and Dickinson.

After finally finding out all the new products Apple will be launching in the coming months the only question left to answer is: are you willing to sell your soul for a new device?