What’s to become of American Crime Story

The true crime is how long we had to wait for this show to come back


Figure 1 It’s time to return to American Crime…Story. Photo provided byWallpeapercave.com

Kinou Louis-Charles, Editorial/Entertainment Editor

It disappeared without a trace. No one knew if it would return or if it was gone for good. We were left with unanswered questions and a longing for a sign of revival. It has been over a year and no one has heard much on what was to become of the captivating show, American Crime Story. It seems after the major Golden Globe award wins for Best Television Limited Series and Best Performance by an Actor, the show ran away from the spotlight and into its secret hideout to plot its next season. For many months there has been speculation for what season three will be about and which actors will join the cast but now it has been confirmed. After waiting painfully for any piece of information, American Crime Story will be having a season three! This season will be based on the infamous Bill Clinton scandal with Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky.

For anyone who doesn’t know what American Crime Story is, allow me to introduce to you to the show you will be obsessed with for the next couple of weeks. From FX, the same network that brought you American Horror Story, here is a show that takes some of the most shocking crimes and scandals to happen in our country and retell a dramatized version of it through the eyes of the people involved. Season one tackled the case of OJ Simpson and the intense, mind-twisting journey of his trial, exposing the possible corruption on both sides of the parties involved. Season two walks you through the mind of the serial killer who took the life of five people, including Gianni Versace, the famous late-Italian designer. Each season is its own story and each story has its own crime, some more scandalous than others.

Though the full cast list has yet to come out, Sarah Paulson, Beanie Feldstein, and Annaleigh Ashford are definite to star in the new season and Monica Lewinsky is set to be the producer of this series. I’m excited to see the creative ways they come up with to tell this story that impacted an entire nation. So, when does season three come out? September 27th…of 2020. Yes, there is still a long wait ahead for any content to be released but the important news is that American Crime Story is destined to return.