iOS 13: the new update

A user now has the option to switch on Dark Mode on their iPhone, which changes all the light colors to a darker tone. photo provided by

Tiaran Vokes, Staff Writer

September 20, 2019, just passed by, which means the Area 51 raid took place, but it was also the launch date for the iPhone 11 and Apple’s newest iOS update. With the new update comes new features, so here’s some of the coolest features from iOS 13.

Swipe to type: To type a word faster, all users have to do now is to move from letter to letter of the word they’re spelling without lifting their finger.

Dark Mode: One of the best features of iOS 13 is the option to allow the user interface to become darker. It changes light backgrounds to a dark color and changes text from dark to light. Users also have the option to turn dark mode on immediately, automatically when it turns dark outside, or users can set their own schedule.

Reminders: You now have the option to get a reminder when you message a particular person. All users have to do is to go to the Reminders app and turn on “Remind me when messaging” and then select a person. The Reminders app also got a new interface. Users can now customize lists by adding an icon and changing the color of the text. There’s a shortcut toolbar now, which allows users to quickly add a due date, a location, and photos. Users can also attach images to their lists.

Personalized Reactions: Users can now use their Memoji they created as emojis. Apple has created 15 emoji expressions users can use with their Memoji.

iOS 13 also as many other new features like a new photos tab that allows users to access their pictures faster, there’s a new portrait lighting effect that creates a classic look with a monochromatic subject on a white background, and Siri’s voice has improved to sound more natural. What features do you think Apple will add next?