The book wave

It feels like a fight against humanity to not love this book

There are people who read and there are people who are wrong. Photo provided by

There are people who read and there are people who are wrong. Photo provided by

Kinou Louis-Charles, Entertainment and Editorials Editor

The 5th Wave is a thrilling post-apocalyptic book series that mainly centers its story around Cassie Sullivan, a teenage girl who feels she is the last of humanity after the arrival of what she calls “the others” has inflicted damage on Earth and its inhabitants. In the first book, we not only follow Cassie’s story but the story of Zombie, aka Ben Parish, Evan Walker, and Cassie’s little brother Sam. Their journeys end up creating a bigger picture that no character or reader had realized and that was that things weren’t what they thought they were. An impressive, hard-to-put-down book by Rick Yancey that is worth reading a hundred times over for any teen.

One aspect of The 5th Wave that I found made it great was how even in the most intense, pulse-racing situations Rick Yancy can use his characters and writing skills to still make you laugh. Zombie was a very witty character throughout the book who I saw not only advance into a strong soldier but also flourish as the book’s comedic relief.

Another factor of the book I found shaped the story was the alternating point of view. With the P.O.V changing, I felt, as the reader, I had more of a chance to connect and learn more about the characters and it reminded me that the book isn’t about one person. My favorite narrator was most likely Ben Parish along with Evan Walker because of the comedy and plot twist that came with their point of view.

Of course, giving mad props to the well thought out plotline and amazing character personality diversity, the final element I believe truly made this book such a joyous read was Rick Yancey’s incredibly detailed writing. Rick Yancey’s abundance of detail within each page of his book gave way for my mind to see, my ears to hear, and my heart to feel what I was reading. After reading The 5th Wave I find Rick Yancey’s way of writing to be as addicting as sugar. Rick Yancey also wrote The Infinite Sea and The Last Star, the sequels to The 5th Wave. The 5th Wave is only the first book of its series with two other equally thrilling books following right after it urges you to join the fight between humanity and others but also to win the war with ourselves to not lose what makes us human.