Minecraft: Mods & Add-ons

Calena Lopez, Staff Writer

Creeper, AW MAN…

When it comes to Minecraft, there are so many possibilities. There are texture packs and mods. If you didn’t know, Minecraft has been around for ten years. Its launch date was May 17, 2009, and ever since then, the world has been a better place. As Minecraft began to become a really big thing, people decided the game needed more to it. The public decided to take this matter into their own hands and create mods and texture packs.

Mods create a different way to play Minecraft so why not give it a little something… Who doesn’t love Pokémon? Especially when it can be added onto Minecraft as a mod. Mods add more to the game, such as new mobs, foods, and challenges. With the Pokémon mod Pixelmon, all of that new and exciting stuff is added into the game. Pokémon are cute, the show is amazing, and the cards are a great way to pass time and a fun thing to collect. Pixelmon is a mod in which you can play as a Pokémon trainer and catch mostly all the Pokémon from the series and movies. You can also battle trainers and their Pokémon to level your own.

Mods are the ultimate thing to have on Minecraft. The most popular mod out right now is RLCraft. Created on January 9, 2018, with multiple updates, this mod is known as one of the hardest and scariest mods created in Minecraft. It has different types of creatures like dinosaurs, dragons, pixies, and a lot more to make the game increasingly exciting. The normal mobs such as creepers, spiders, skeletons, and enderman become noticeably scarier than in the regular game. The zombies have a visual hunch, making it a frightening creature to encounter in a cave system or a mineshaft. Don’t think you can just casually mine some iron and diamonds, though. To gain the ability to acquire these minerals, you need to reach a certain level. Reaching this level isn’t easy, in fact, it is quite difficult, considering there are so many new mobs with many new abilities… you won’t be getting many kills. Mods make the simplest things more fun and enjoyable, instead of having to chop down all the wood like you would do in regular Minecraft, you can cut the bottom of the tree and get the wood that way. It also makes the tree look super realistic, but some of that has to do with the multiple texture packs added to this mod.

Now, let’s talk about texture packs. Texture packs are a type of add-on that give the atmosphere an entirely new design and feel. For example, Jolicraft. Many texture pack creators try to nail the theme and setting they are going for, but Jolie really succeeds in doing this. Joli was going for a cute, subtle, but realistic texture pack and that’s definitely what he got. The animal’s features were altered to make them look cute, but realistic along with the environment in the game, making the game way more fun and interesting to play. Overall texture packs are an amazing thing to add to the game, so when you’re playing Minecraft consider installing some.