Cop or drop on new tech

An Apple a day keep the doctor away


These are the new IPhone 11 pro (left), IPhone 11 (middle), and IPhone 11 Pro Max (right)

Josh Pigozzo, Staff Writer

There is no doubt that Apple is the leader of electronics in today’s world and around this time every year all their new products come out.  The new iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, and Apple watch series 5 just released and they all come with new features that you will want to hear about.


The iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 released at the fall event on September 20th.  The iPhone 11 being the cheapest of the three is starting at $699.  This is considered the “budget phone” and I think it’s the best bang for your buck.  Even with it being at the lowest price point, Apple added more features than people were expecting.  Starting off, they will come in the same colors but they added purple, yellow, and green into the rotation this year.  They come with a glass back in which they made more durable and will help prevent cracking if you drop your phone.  They overall made the phone stronger and is dust, splash, and water resistant.  Apple has said that it can be in a depth of about six feet for up to thirty minutes.  The new dual-lens rear camera is another obvious addition.  This offers better quality pictures and both wide and ultra-wide lenses.  There are also many new filters to play with like studio and portrait mode. Inside the phone there is a A13 bionic chip which basically means that it will be able to process very fast.  Apple claims to be the most powerful chip in a smart phone. The Pro and Pro Max are both very expensive and the only difference between these two phones is the size.  The Pro, being the smaller of the two, is 5.8 inches and is priced at $999.  The bigger Pro Max is 6.5 inches and is priced at $1099.  This will also come in the normal colors like space grey, gold, white, and it also comes in the new midnight green that you can’t have with the basic iPhone 11.  It is made with the same glass but uses stainless steel around the borders to look sleeker.  They also come with more features, one being an extra camera for even better quality pictures.  The new super retina rxd display is also something to take note of.  This basically means that it can get brighter and have more contrast than all the iPhones before.  More importantly, it’s said to be 15% more battery efficient and can last about five hours more than the 10S.  On that topic they also come with an 18W charger that uses USB-C which makes for faster charging.


The Apple Watch is growing in popularity.  It’s always advancing and comes with a lot of features that you can only get with a smart watch.  The Apple Watch Series 5 also released on September 20th and is $399 for the GPS version and $499 if you want cellular.  The main change is the new “always on” display which is exactly what it sounds like; it’s always on.  On previous versions you would have to lift up your wrist to view the display which could get annoying at times.  This prevents this problem and only dims when you lower the watch.  Many question if the Apple watch is worth the price and personally I would say it is.  It’s great for quick notifications and also looks very nice.  I would certainly say it’s worth it if you’re into fitness.  It’s very easy to track runs, calories, heart rate, steps, workout time, and more.