The Society: whom would you be?

Who will you be in the making of history?

Who will you be in the making of history?

Kinou Louis-Charles, Entertainment and Editorials Editor

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On May 10th, 2019 a new Netflix show was released, but it wasn’t till this October I started watching it. The Society is about a community of teenagers who went on a school trip but when they are brought back, everyone they loved had disappeared. In their real town they had their family, an unexplained nasty smell, and a way out, but here all of those are gone. Confused on where everyone went and why they left, the teenagers decided the right thing to do is to build a system for them to function until they can figure out a way to set things back to normal. As I watched this show, it was interesting to see the different personalities contribute to the uprising of a new community. There were doctors, lawyers, and even leaders of the civilization. All these different people made up crucial components, but I couldn’t help but wonder, who would I be in this story?

After binge watching The Society and observing all the crazy events that take place, I realized there should be at least someone documenting all the events that happen to them, but shockingly there is not. I would be the one to document all these events. Every town has a recorded history because someone said, “Hey, we should write this down,” and I think in a world where a bunch of teenagers are forced to build their own civilization I would make sure someone was keeping a record of its progress and setbacks. In addition to my hypothetical recordings I would also include theories on why everyone disappeared. What I think had happened to these teenagers is someone brought them back to a replica of their town with the motive being to get rid of the people who could be the possible cause of the awful smell that torments the town. The first season definitely has me wanting to see more of what is to become for these teenagers. Will they ever find a way home or is their new life in an unexplained place?