A quick look into the world of rap music

Album cover for Dababy’s “Kirk”.  Image via: Twitter @DaBabyDaBaby

Album cover for Dababy’s “Kirk”. Image via: Twitter @DaBabyDaBaby

Cooper Nelson, Staff Writer

Summer ‘19 was a strange time for rap music.  Many new faces stepping on the scene mixed with prominent rap figures releasing some of their best work and the perpetual drama associated with the hip hop community made for an interesting combination.  Female rapper Megan Thee Stallion coined the term “Hot girl summer” in reference to the 2019 summer.  There is no nice way of saying it, but this was an atrocity.  This movement has little to no substance to it and should be phased out as soon as possible.

While possibly the biggest name in rap, Drake, hasn’t released an album this year, he did release a single, “Behind Barz”.  The freestyle was released in part with British network Link Up TV as part of the Top Boy soundtrack.  Jarad Higgins, better known as Juice Wrld, released an album titled Death race For Love in March of this year.  The Chicago rapper said that he freestyled the entire album without writing any verses down beforehand.  Fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef released Glowtoven, a 12-track collaborative project with producer Zaytoven.  This album strays from Keef’s typical tenacious street rap and mixes in some sentimental and soulful feels.

One of the most popular album releases of the year is Post Malone’s Hollywood’s Bleeding.  In its first three weeks after its release, its streaming numbers were 365 million week one, 221 million week two, and 172 million week three.  Post is lucky to be alive after one of his private jets he was traveling on was forced to make an emergency landing because two of its tires blew out on takeoff.  DaBaby is another rapper who has left his mark on 2019 thus far.  In terms of flow and style of rap, he is on the opposite end of Post Malone.  The 27-year-old’s aggressive flow and bass-heavy beats have blown up the internet over the last year.  With a host of impressive features, his recent album Kirk has been one of the more popular albums of the year.  In my opinion this is one of the top releases of 2019.

Rap royalty Young Thug also rolled out his new album mid-August this year.  A month after its release, 18 songs off the 19-song album sat on the Rolling Stone Top 100.  While an argument could be made for other albums, I think this has probably been the highlight of 2019 thus far.  Affectionately known as Thugger, Young Thug’s creative music genius shines through in a big way on this album as a multitude of unique beats and impressive cast of features combine for an outstanding

The Long Island rapper Lil Tecca burst onto the rap scene this year after his single “Ransom blew up the charts.  He later re-released the song as a part of his first and only album, We Love You Tecca.  For only being 17, Tecca has crafted a rather impressive resume and is showing a lot of promise for the future.  Tecca’s beats and flows are slightly unconventional and unique, and because of this he is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists to listen to.

Gunna, undeniably one hottest rappers in the game, released “Drip or Drown 2”  in February of this year but has remained quiet since.  While Gunna often falls subject to the same criticism as DaBaby, in that most of their music sounds the same, I think he disproved that as he used a variation of beats and on certain songs strayed from his typical style.  His counterpart Lil Baby has yet to release an album this year, but I’m certain he has something in the works.  Nav, a Canadian rapper, also released an album that I do think is worthy of a listen.  While I do think it is derivative of his earlier work I still think it’s a solid album.  All in all, this summer has been nothing out of the ordinary; big names produced big names songs and albums, and some new artists made a name for themselves.  It is safe to say that the game is in good hands.