The Correct Avatar Review

After almost ten years I realized that it was my duty to the world as a journalist to review Avatar.

What’s your favorite Avatar? Photo cred:

Brock Maloy, Ad Manager

When the movie Avatar was released in 2009, it became an instant blockbuster. It grossed over 2.79 billion dollars, making it one of the most successful films of all time. My seven-year-old self heard all about it. “Oh, the directing is so good, James Cameron is so awesome,” but I didn’t think I would be into that type of movie.  Usually sci-fi fiction movies never get me going, as I’m a history buff with movies. I did realize, however, after fellow journalist Claire Maloney said, “You need to watch this right now” that I needed to watch this movie to see for myself what all the fuss was about after almost ten years of hearing constant bicker.

I sat down, cereal in hand and prepared to watch this movie.  I was going to need all the focus I had to complete this nearly three-hour long roller coaster.  I had no background knowledge of the movie, never even watched a trailer. I originally thought the blue people were called avatars and they were miniature. I have to say I was surprised in every part of the movie having not one bit spoiled and if so, it was ten years ago.  The blue people were actually giants in comparison to the humans.  Their bows were the size of one man and really dealt some damage to the body. The acting was surreal, the directing was flawless, there wasn’t one time where I had a “oh ok, sure” moment, and I’m usually able to find incongruencies and failures in directing.  The story kept me compelled constantly; there was rarely a dull moment where I picked up my phone. For 2009 it was a visual masterpiece, one that will stand the test of time as one of the greatest movies ever. It really is unfortunate that I waited so long to watch it. What life lessons did I miss out on along the way? Will I have a different look on life now?