Tyler, the Creator creates a magical show at sold-out Yuengling Center


(Tyler, the Creator have a dramatic moment with lightning flashes behind him during IFHY) photo by Lauren Mccloy}

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Tyler, the Creator has become a worldwide sensation and while some parents may dislike his content and allow rap music to be branded as being “for the kids,” Tyler creates music that fills arenas with people who can rap, sing and scream every word to all his magical lyrics. Tyler, the Creator, Jaden Smith and GoldLink filled the arena with adoring fans ready to see the show on Saturday, September 28th.  IGOR, his 6th album, was released in May of this year, yet another major moment for Tyler, the Creator as it became the number one album in America after a day.

Goldlink opened the show as the stadium filled with fans coming to watch  his loud and exciting performance. His 40 minutes on stage ended with his most well-known song “Crew” as the crowd jumped and sang along with him. Next was Jaden Smith’s turn and it was all the hype. The rapper and son of Will Smith engaged the crowd as soon as he walked on stage, for example putting on a ski mask to “shoot a music video onstage.” He also took a softer moment with the whole crowds’ flash on to “Summertime in Paris.” At the end of that song, he softly said, “That was very beautiful; let’s turn up again” and went back to his famous rap music.

Then it was finally time for Tyler’s headlining set. He took the stage as his character “Igor” with sunglasses, his light blue suit and a blond bowl-cut wig. He slowly walked to the center of the stage and stood in one place as “Igor’s Theme” played. As the song broke into synthesizers, he stopped his dramatic moment with his iconic violent dancing that had the crowd screaming. One of the most memorable moments occurred when he began his famous song “Earfquake” by playing a piano, letting the crowd sing along to the chords before the song really began. It was beautiful how he had that quieter moment before breaking up into chaos again. He did not perform a single song from his 2015 album Cherry Bomb, which was a bit of a “bomb.” However, some older songs such as “IFHY,” “Tamale.” “Yonkers,” and “She” got the crowd excited to hear that old music, as well as a couple tracks from his most well-known older album Flower Boy. The show closed with a magical audience singalong of “ ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” the emotional final track on his newest album. The crowd  screamed this along with the passionate Tyler.

It was beautiful- the effects, the friends, the music, the memories, all of it. It was worth the crazy crowd. I’ve listened to Tyler for years and I won’t miss any other concert when he comes to town again; that’s for sure.