The Monthly Meme October 2019: Just Vibin’

the picture says it all. Courtesy of

Sean Cunningham, Features Editor

Welcome back, my fellow memers! In this month’s edition of the monthly meme, we have quite the doozy to get through. Our temporary meme drought seems to have come to an end, as a hot new meme has just recently hit the mainstream: just vibin’.

Just like all other memes, just vibin’ has a humble beginning and a notable history. The word vibe was first used to describe a certain atmosphere created or feeling gained by an activity or event; good vibes are always sought out and appreciated when found. Subsequently, people began pointing out those who seemed to be in a good mood as “just vibin’,” and the phrase took off. Meme creators began constructing absurd scenarios in which seemingly out of place people, animals, and things were just vibin’. The adoption of this meme format allowed for us enthusiasts to accept the phrase as a universally useful one and begin utilizing it in a myriad of scenarios. Just vibin’ has quickly became one of 2019’s most trendy phrases, and for that reason I will award the meme +400 meme points. The entertainment value earns it another +300 meme points, and with another +200 meme points being earned for its versatility, the creation rounds out at a hefty 900 meme points! With a score like that, you can be sure it is “Just Vibin’.”

There you have it, another successful month of memes highlighted by one of the entire year’s standouts. It warms my heart as a meme enthusiast to see the field come back to life as of recently, and we can only hope that the vibe will continue to improve as we head into the home stretch of 2019.