This show was victorious!

A great show with some weird moments

Who was your favorite Victorious cast character?

Who was your favorite Victorious cast character?

Kinou Louis-Charles, Entertainment/Editorials Editor

This past week many familiar Nickelodeon shows have been joining the Netflix family. The top show on my watch list is currently Victorious; its short-lived TV screen time of 2010-2013 had a large impact on my childhood. I enjoyed coming home from school and watching Tori and the gang get into the most entertaining adventures, but as I re-watched some of my favorite episodes, I realized how truly random this show was. I decided to compile a list of some of the most random moments I’ve seen on the comedy gold show Victorious.


  1. Trina Vega submerges her face in mayonnaise and mustard…voluntarily.

Trina Vega, Tori Vega’s eccentric sister, has been known for her oddball ideas and frankly, loud mouth. On one episode of Victorious she is found lying her face in mayonnaise and the next day mustard. What was the reason for this? How did this action fit in the plot? Well, the reasoning was it was a part of a skin care routine process and it completely did not contribute to the plot whatsoever.


  1. You’re so conceited, Tori.”

As the gang is doing time at Saturday detention, they get hungry for some crunchy tacos. Tori Vega, the main character of the show, offers a way for them to sneak tacos into school grounds and instead of being met with compromise, Robbie, a student serving time alongside her, cries and quietly says, “You’re so conceited, Tori, you’re so conceited.” As a kid watching this show the reference flew right over my head, I had little understanding of the story behind this episode but re-watching it now I realize it was actually a parody episode of the movie The Breakfast Club.


  1. A vicious lobster attack.

On April Fool;s it is considered another day at the school of Victorious because no one is interested in childish pranks or games. As Tori is struggling to wrap her head around the school’s lack of participation in the holiday, her acting teacher, Mr. Sikowitz, is attacked by a man in a lobster costume. Instead of assisting, Tori videos the whole thing then runs off into the janitor’s closet. This scene was never explained or talked about for the rest of the episode but the was more than one occurrence of the lobster in the show.


I have always loved the show Victorious and I am super excited to see it steaming on Netflix, but I do admit I have questions with what exactly was going through the writers’ heads as they created these scripts. Although sometimes what makes a performance so great is the lack of explanation that allows that mind to wander.