90 Day Fiance: The most underrated reality series that you need to watch


Couple Michael and Angela from the show.

Alex Plaskon, News Editor

It’s Thanksgiving break in November 2018. My boyfriend (who I had been dating for about 90 days at the time) is sitting next to me on the couch. As we search the T.V guide for something to watch, a familiar title catches our eye. Although both of us had never watched it, 90 Day Fiance piqued our curiosity instantly, so we gave it a chance. In that moment, we didn’t know that this would soon become our go to lazy-day T.V show to binge watch. A year later, we’ve gotten ourselves (and his family) not only addicted to the original series, but its spin-off programs. Here’s why you should watch it too:

Premise: The premise of this show is rather simple: 5-6 American’s and their foreign-born significant others get engaged and have 90 days to move to the U.S and get married. Some of these couples don’t speak the same language, while others are divorced and have children. The drama builds as you watch the couples (who often only dated on line before getting engaged) decide if the marriage will work out.

Cast: The cast of 90 Day Fiance is clearly comprised of drama causing, “made for T.V” couples. This season includes a 42 year old rich man who has two young kids and his 20 year old Brazillian model girlfriend, a Florida man who dated his Dominican Republic girlfriend only online until he spent a mere eight hours with her before proposing, and a midwestern beekeeper who has to use a translator app to communicate with her Turkish fiance (since they both can’t speak the same language fluently). Although these are just three of the six couples on this season, previous couples often deal with similar, drama worthy extremes in their relationships as well.

Why the 90 Day Fiance franchise is worth a watch: This show is truly like no other. I hate to sound demeaning, but watching the couples go on their journeys is often down-right hilarious! Watching couples (who usually make no effort trying to understand each other’s cultures) try to relate to each other and get along makes for some good storylines. Not only that, but some of the non-Americans often have misconceptions of what to expect from American life. For example, no, not all Americans are rich and can spoil you with gifts 24/7. That’s just one common theme throughout the show. On another note, pregnancies are very common amongst the cast. If you’re looking for a good dose of drama and laughs, you have come to the right place.

Over time, the 90 Day Fiance franchise has captivated me with its drama, bad decision making couples, and hilarious moments. I would consider this show underrated because it’s not very “hyped” and discussed often amongst teenagers, unlike other shows. This series can be addicting, and don’t just take it from me. I’ve accidentally hooked my boyfriend’s stoic, U.S Airforce-veteran dad on the series and the spinoffs! I honestly didn’t expect it to become my favorite reality show, either. In the end, 90 Day Fiance has proven itself to be a show anyone can love.