The Real G.O.A.T.

The gorgeous Mariah Carey performs on her “All I want for Christmas is you” tour.

The gorgeous Mariah Carey performs on her “All I want for Christmas is you” tour.

Kevin Madley, Staff Writer

Deck- A deeper look into one of the most famous people of this generation.

Mariah Carey is one of the most well-known artists of our generation. This can be accredited to her record-breaking Christmas song titled “All I Want for Christmas is You.” A fun fact about Mariah is that she is popular for her high and low 5 octaves that gave her a Guinness world record. She is also known for her award-winning producing, acting and entrepreneurship. She has acted in several movies and TV shows. For example, she’s been on American idol. She was a judge on it and was a very interesting character to watch and judge people on the panel.

But it has not always been an up for Carey. In 2000 she signed a deal with Virgin records for 100 million dollars. But as her movie Glitter came out with an accompanying sound track. that was a complete embarrassment and did absolutely terribly in box offices, as well as the sound track. As this happened, her contract with Virgin records, went down from 100 million to becoming a 50-million-dollar contract and being completely cut in half.  She is what most people would call… a sensation.

She does the utmost to keep her demeanor at the same level at all the time and is praised for that among the community. For some good she has done. she made her career on music. She has five albums and many awards to account for her success.

She is also well known in her music career for Christmas music she has given to the world to listen to, especially “All I Want for Christmas.” This is a classic song and if you were to hear it you know it. It has been an extremely popular song that always gets blasted during the holidays. This is due to the catchy jingle and overall feeling this song creates. This song will continue to be popular for years upon years to come.

Carey was very big in the 2000s, and for the younger generations she was almost the Justin Bieber of this generation. What that means is if your mother or father were to see Carey In New Jersey, where she happens to reside. They would freak out and be like “omg that’s Mariah Carey, let’s go get a picture.” She is known in our generation but not as well as she was about 10 years ago.

She is also a great person and has a great character. She is not only an actress and singer but is a very generous giver to many charities and such; you could say Mariah CARES. She volunteers her time and abilities for the creation of a better tomorrow. This is a feature that isn’t seen in most people, especially people on the level of Mariah.

There is so much to talk about the wonderful Carrey, but at some point, there is a limit to talk about someone. As we are preceding to that point, I most rap up about ten wonderful Mariah. She is what, people would call a culture changer. Her songs will always linger for the years to come. The Christmas song she made, might never leave the Christmas charts or our hearts. She changed so many people’s lives and needs to be given gratitude for this. Mariah Carey’s kids should be very grateful for what they have in the wonderful mother they have, and as the world should be great full for such a masterpiece of a person that God so generously created.