Return of a Legend


Brock Maloy, Ads Manager

On October 23rd, Call of Duty released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the fourth installment of the series coming eight years after the third Modern Warfare. In what was a very crucial year infinity ward to produce a game that generates the same hype as old, they have almost answered on the call. Post release, Modern Warfare received “generally favorable reviews.” Game informer gave it an 8.75/10, and IGN gave it an 8/10, compared to the 6/10 received from Infinite Warfare.

What made Call of Duty so popular was the intense boots on the ground experience with an arcade like feel to it. Ever Since Black Ops 2, arguably the best game of the franchise, they moved to a more futuristic approach. Games like Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare were the low marks of Call of Duty as fans could no longer recognize the game. Even Battlefield took their opportunity to soar to number one. Battlefield Four and Battlefield One were challenging Call of Duty for the top spot. Battlefield at the time was everything Call of Duty was not. Since they could not deliver on the traditional COD experience Battlefield used realism to sell their product. Planes, tanks, and ATVs could be used and, realistic bullet physics enhanced the realism.

As a former frequent Call of Duty player, I last purchased Black Ops Two and that was the last because I felt like I could no longer recognize the game. Modern Warfare Three consumed much of my early childhood. I put many hours into that game and I was eager to finally have another game to play. When I learned Modern Warfare was coming out I was overjoyed. Finally, a traditional Call of Duty experience everybody can enjoy. As I play this game now I can say that it has all the aspects of a good Call of Duty game, modern, a touch of realism, and heavy arcade. I wouldn’t mind if it was more faster paced, however. They made the maps a little too large and it slows the game down compared to Modern Warfare Three where you had classic maps like Dome and Resistance that kept the game fast paced and unpredictable.