Rick and Morty Season 4

Jacob Damboise, Staff Writer

Although there have only been four re-released episodes to watch currently, I can’t give a full-scale review of season 4. Season four’s long-awaited release episode was blissful to watch as the main characters went to go and get “Death crystals.”  Season 4 is renewed for 70 new episodes and this allows it to on a faster time table for uploading new episodes. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are the creators of the show, promising that this season will have more episodes and release faster than previous seasons.

In the first episode, two years have passed since the previous season and it leads off after the previous season finale “The Rickchurian Mortydate,” and in this period of the show, Rick must become a beta because he is made inferior as now he must ask if he can take Morty on adventures. Rick obviously dislikes this new plan and yet the family thinks it is the only way to protect Morty. This is a refreshing take on the episode as it almost feels as though it came out of season one, but with better animation this take on the premier satisfied me, and it could foreshadow further episodes drown the road, the status quo is changing in the household and the dynamic of the series is altering little by little. This episode encourages you to not think about dwelling in the past and it tells you to think in the present as Morty succumbs to the powers of the “Death crystal” to die with his beloved, shows us as the viewer that we can’t control the outcomes of our lives and sometimes we shouldn’t. The viewer isn’t taken through this casually beaten through route of telling this over until you remember it subtly is placed in the episode and switches to show how Morty being the main protagonist can really be his own demise sometimes rather than the show showing Rick not be able to get past some trauma and so this inability to grow isn’t showed in this episode; it is mainly an arc for Morty. The episodes 2-4 were just recently released and only episode 2 is available for rerelease at the moment besides episode one. Episode two was a good reminder that there are other pairings in the show to choose from such as Beth and Jerry and well Summer on her own, which goes to show the capacity and diversity of the show, while all being one long poop joke episode. While I thought episode one was spectacular it does not compare to episode 3 where it is all basically a punch at heist movies and yet it was still absolutely hilarious pointing out all of the flaws in the heist plans just to reveal that it was a one big heist inside of bigger heists. What the authors did for this season to ramp things up another notch was mind-blowing.  Rick and Morty brings back to reality with a little sci-fi gag on Dungeons and Dragons in episode 4, where Morty gets a dragon and then Rick does what he normally does and screws everything up then fixes it, in the usual Rick way. Rick and Morty got to free the rest of the dragons that were imprisoned when they went to get Morty’s dragon. It’s a whirlwind of spontaneous episodes that will make you laugh out loud and keep you stuck in bed watching this all day.