Netflix Original Show “You” Review

A must watch show

Isabella Harrop, Staff Writer

You is one of the popular shows on Netflix as of right now. Season 2 just came out on December 26th, 2019 and it has already been renewed for a season 3. The show is about a sociopath killer who becomes obsessed over girls and does everything he can to possibly keep them to himself.


The first season of You starts off with Joe Goldberg, who works at a book store and inadvertently falls in love with a woman named Beck. He stalks her and even ends up stealing her phone, knowing everything that is going on her life. He becomes so obsessive that he holds her boyfriend Benji captive in the basement of the bookstore. Eventually he kills him and her best friend Peach Salinger, who also happens to be obsessed with Beck. Joe will basically kill anyone that gets in the way of him having a relationship with Beck. He then next kills Ron, the abusive boyfriend who lives next door. Lastly, he kills Beck because he had her captive and she escaped but he grabs her, and she fights but he overpowered and killed her.


Season 2 starts off new. He moved to LA and stole someone’s identity; therefore, he now goes by Will Bettelheim. He found a new girl whom he obsesses over named Love. They fall in love and everything starts off good. That is until this guy comes and chops off one of Will’s fingers because the real will owed him money, eventually Will kills him. His ex-girlfriend comes back which has him a in a twist. He then kills a celebrity named Henderson because he hurt his neighbor and also went after her sister. He neighbor Delilah figures out the truth about him and everything he has done, so Will held her captive. Candace figures everything out and shows Love the storage unit that he held everyone captive in. Love kills Candace, the ex-girlfriend, and tells Will how she killed Delilah and now they live their life together with no one to ruin it. He tries killing Love, but she is pregnant so now they just bought a house and it’s left with a cliffhanger because there is neighbor that has significance to Will.


Season 2 had many hints in that you wouldn’t have thought indicted that Love is as much of killer as Joe. The poster that went along with season 2 said “meet your match,” but everyone assumed that it was just toward Candace. However, it was really indicating how Love was his perfect match because they are alike. Another indication was that Love pursued Joe which was not how it occurred in season 1 with Beck because he was trying to have a clean slate. Also, Love’s fiancée supposedly died from being sick, or did Love kill him with some herbs she put together because she wanted a family and he wasn’t ready?


Overall season 2 was really good and I have so many questions for the next season. Like who is the new neighbor? Is it as new girl he is interested in or it is possibly his mom? Will they be good parents? And will be baby be a psychopath just like them? I think season 3 will be really good and I will be interested to see how they give it a twist.