Welcome back to the Island


Teddy Briggs (a Love Island vet), shown above, rolls up in style to the villa and flaunts his sexy looks for the whole summer. This is something you just cannot miss. Photo from www.loveisland.com

Patrick Roghaar, Copy Editor

                I recently discovered a new hit show while browsing about the many rows and columns and categories of Hulu. It goes by the name of Love Island. Love Island can be set in many different countries and continents, and the season that I am referring to in this article is Australia. The premise of the show is like an American classic, Bachelor in Paradise, in that a mixture of men and women are pitted into a villa all with the goal in mind of coupling up and finding love. The reason this is better, however, is the accents. Man, oh man, Aussies just do it right. They know how to find a mate, they can throw an amazing barbecue, and they sure know how to follow all the producers’ commands that prompt their actions on most of the show.

There are no spoilers ahead, so you can continue reading at ease. The purpose of this article is to merely write a recommendation. Don’t be confused, however; this article is entirely factual. It is not up to interpretation that Love Island Australia outlines the course of television programs for the next millennium. The contestants suck you in with their charisma, like Dom, the gentle giant of the bunch, always looking for a social interaction and an opportunity to be on the camera. These contestants take you for a thrill ride of emotions, and by the time the season is over, you’re left not knowing what emotions are anymore. You may have a liking for one person on the show, and bam, their heart gets broken and they get voted out on the show. You never know what to do with yourself, how to feel about yourself, and how to go about social interaction after watching.

In short, Love Island Aussie-style takes the cake for all television series. The combinations of the villa residents, the action-packed afternoons and night times, and the quest for each other’s hearts ultimately prevail in the competition for best show ever.