Meme Review January 2020: WW3 Memes?!


Caption: The first (and possibly last??) meme of 2020

Sean Cunningham, Features Editor

2020 has been quite the rollercoaster of a year in just its first month. Through the tragedy, fear, joy, and triumph this year has brought forth, one thing has stayed constant throughout almost the entirety of the month-the comedy that has come out of it all, and comedy that has been quite controversial to say the least. Among all the somewhat suspect memes to come out of 2020 so far, the most impactful and arguably most wicked have certainly been the WW3 memes.


On the very third day of the year, US military forces bombed and killed Iranian general Quassem Soleimani. This drastic measure created an incredible air of tension between Iran, the US, and the rest of the world. Conflict felt inevitable, and many couldn’t help but draw comparisons to the assassination that led to global conflict in WW1. Amidst all this chaos, many Americans chose a very specific path in order to move forward from this shocking news and the suspense it has put us all in, and that path was none other than making as many online jokes and memes as physically possible about it. Anyone who was able to get onto any sort of social media platform on January 4th was greeted with a tsunami of WW3 memes, and these memes would go on to evolve from simply jokes about our inevitable doom to the myriad of ways intellectuals were planning on evading the draft. These methods ranged from claiming to have asthma to facading homosexuality and even women giving away their gender equality, just to avoid being selected to join the war. There was also this big Iranian dude who fearful Americans speculated would be sent into any Iranian solider who went on a high enough kill streak as a care package, and many other COD themed memes of similar taste. Overall, the WW3 memes gain +300 meme points for real world validity, +250 meme points for being the first real meme of the decade (great start), and +300 meme points for overall entertainment value. Rounding out at a solid 850 meme points, the WW3 memes set the bar high in the first month of 2020