Lego Star Wars III


Jacob Damboise, Staff Writer

The third edition to the Lego Star Wars trilogy of video games was actually a greatly interpreted game with no dialogue that followed the exact events taking place during the prologue of the Star Wars franchise. This allows players to go through the storyline of their own volition in any which way they want, permitting players to switch characters to continue the story or get past locked areas. There is a great use of the character swap option they have in the game, allowing you to change characters mid game. There is no dying in the game for it is made for kids. There is an immediate respawn with a short amount of invincibility frames, so that you can continue the storyline. Although there is no dialogue, the story is so detailed that even if you hadn’t paid enough attention during the movies, you can still navigate the gameplay with a fun experience of being a Jedi, droid, robot, R2D2, etc. This is a game for all ages to enjoy as a solo or cooperative game to play with a friend there are modes in this game that can only be accessed by two players as well, forcing you to play cooperatively with player 2. The game also gets rid of many of the gory scenes by making every event in which there was gore a comedic release point. For example, the first scene in the game where the Chancellor and his associates were eating ice cream while about to watch Anakin, Obi-wan, and Padme, about to be killed by a tiger like monster called a Barnes has been altered. The sequence of events, following the Star Wars guidelines, would be in the Clone Wars saga, before and after Anakin became Darth Vader. With the conclusion of this game, it ends the Star Wars trilogy of games for the preexisting Star Wars timeline.