Beyoncé. The queen

She’s the real Queen B


Beyoncé performing her hit song Halo in honor of Kobe and Gianna

Calena Lopez, Staff Writer

This isn’t anything new; we all know Beyoncé is the queen of all music hands down. The year 1981, the queen herself was born, and raised in Houston, Texas. Right after she released her first single, “Crazy In Love,” everyone could tell she was going to be a star for the rest of her life.


Being as great as Beyoncé comes with its benefits, and when I say benefits, I mean big benefits. She currently has around 24 total awards, and has a ultra-modern hillside mansion with a big number of eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms that are decked with all bulletproof windows, because if you’re as godly as her, you’re going to have some haters who want to take you down.


Not only is this women a queen but she’s a hard working one too, Beyoncé has been working hard ever since she was young to obtain what she wants in life, and when she got what she wanted she still remained humble about everything, not boasting about anything, but rather keeping a humble attitude towards everyone she knows including her fans.


After downloading all her albums and performances (of course in a legal way) I was awestruck, you can see all the work she puts into her performances and songs, everything she writes has meaning and a story behind it. Not only are her songs and performances are astounding but her vocals are beautiful. If someone to ask me what an angel would sound like I would tell them to listen to Beyoncé, because this queens voice is angelic in every way possible. It never sounds like she’s just screaming in her music but rather like she’s singing from her heart. For example, her song “Halo,” you could tell that there was deep meaning instead of just lyrics on a page. She sings with much passion and care. Also something else to throw out there, she donates to a bunch of charities, making sure her money is going to the right place for people in need and for social things in need, some of the charities she’s donated to are American Foundation for AIDS Research, Feeding America, and Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation.


Beyoncé proves you can have it all with just hard work and dedication, she has a happy relationship, kids, and a hugely successful career. People who argue that Beyoncé isn’t a queen are simply wrong, she has so many queen factors about her that it’s just hard to argue that she isn’t one. She’s literally the Queen B without any doubt. Some people just need more convincing than others and that’s ok. I’m sure one day we’ll all come to realize who the queen of pop music is. Everything about her is perfect, her looks, attitude, and life. I’m glad god or whatever almighty there might be but Beyoncé on this planet, because I don’t know what I would do without her music and impact in this world. All hail the Queen B, Beyoncé.