Why Spotify is better than Apple music


Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

I’ve been on Apple music since they released it. It was all I’ve ever dreamed. Until I discovered it’s actually just a knock off Spotify.  Spotify laid the blueprint that helped shape the current music streaming market and has tens of millions more paying subscribers than the competition, not to mention countless millions more free users. Apple music forces you to pay $10 before you can begin streaming! No free streaming with ads like Spotify offers.


Spotify first took its strength of its impressive 30 million-plus song selection. PLUS with the fact that it adds more than 20,000 new songs each day, which is pretty insane is you think about it. With so many songs, streaming libraries can seem daunting for those who want to find new music, but Spotify provides a lot of useful tools for finding new songs to suit your taste. Personalized playlists available 24/7!


They provide opportunities for subscribers to learn new music from artists they never would have come across on their own. The daily mixes are another fantastic feature that allows you to add your own Spotify personal playlist that is constantly being added to. They even have a featured series called secret genius, which allows fans to read to some fun facts some of their favorite hits.


With the equalizer (my favorite touch) and other amazing tools Spotify has to offer. Spotify comes out on top. Every. Time. Sincerely, a recently new Spotify premium member.


(You also can get free Hulu with your premium account!)