What’s your song?

Time to end on a crescendo


Who would have thought we’d end up here?

Kinou Louis-Charles, Entertainment/Editorials Editor

One of the significant parts of a journey is the end, and no good song lasts forever. It has been a thrill writing about songs that perfectly match up with each zodiac sign, it has taught me so much about the unique personalities each sign holds and now here I am to do it one last time. Without further ado, I present to you the signs if they were songs.



If you are a Virgo, say hey! Virgo babies were born between August 23 and September 22 and this sign is known for their hardworking skills and natural boss energy. Virgos rarely show off because their accomplishments show off for them while they go on to do even bigger things. Yes, Virgos are always on the climb up and if you can’t level with them, they may give you the side eye. To capture their vibe the song BO$$ by the now disbanded group Fifth Harmony is the song I chose for them. They aren’t going to slow down their game for anyone so as the song says, “you’re a** betta show [them] some respect!”


Libras, wave your hands high and proud! Libras were born between the dates September 23 and October 22 and I, your most humbled writer, am a proud Libra. Libras are indecisive creatures who have a hard time making important decisions. A little wrapped up in their own world, they expect things to land in the perfect place. However, Libras know they are valuable diplomats and peacekeepers. The song I figured would fit a Libra best is ME! By Taylor Swift featuring Brendon Urie. ME! acknowledges the crazy sections of a person’s persona while also accepting themselves for who they are and that puts the never ending back and forth inner battle Libras have into lyrics.


Capricorn check! The sign of a Capricorn lands between December 22 and January 20 and they resemble someone who is realistic and persistent. No matter what it takes a Capricorn will finish what they started even if the outcome isn’t so great. The song for Capricorns is Try Everything by Shakira. An ambitious song for an ambitious character who acknowledges the possibility of defeat yet still marches on.


Any Aquariuses in the house? An Aquarius is born between January 21 and February 20 and has the traits of someone who enjoys being eccentric and also likes a sense of unity and maintains a down to Earth energy. The perfect song for Aquarius would be Roar by Katy Perry. Both the song and the sign symbolize a person dancing to the beat of their own drum while maintaining a close connection with Earth and who they are on the inside.


Well, my loyal readers, it was fun while it lasted, and I wish I could continue but there comes a time where you must move on to find newer projects to embark on. I will never forget all the songs I listened to just to find the right one for each sign it has been a new form of research for me. That’s all Eagles, happy listening!