The Blacklist review


Keen and Reddington seen here discussing the latest black lister.

Reece Marley, Staff Writer

The Blacklist is probably one of the best shows I have ever watched. I am huge into the murder mystery criminal type shows, so it is on the list with Criminal Minds and Castle as one of my favorite shows. The Blacklist is about an FBI agent, Elizabeth Keen (Meghan Boone), who has a very tangled background when it comes to her childhood and family. Her mother is an ex Russian KGB agent who is presumed to be dead and the whereabouts of her father are unknown. One day America’s number one most wanted fugitive walks right through the front door of the FBI headquarters outside of Washington D.C and demands to speak with Agent Keen and the rest is history between the two. James Spader plays Raymond Reddington (America’s top fugitive) in a thrilling series that is still on television today. NBC hosts The Blacklist and currently they are in the middle of season 7 of the show.

I would give The Blacklist 9.5/10 because the producers are always coming up with a new twist to the show that makes me constantly want to keep watching. Spader does an excellent job playing Raymond Reddington. Boone and Spader have a special connection that makes the show so much better. Every season has a new plot line that unfolds throughout the show as Reddington continues to bring special cases to Keen. Every case that Reddington gives to Keen is connected to one another and they eventually solve whatever mystery they have been trying to figure out all season. My favorite character in The Blacklist is probably Dembe, played by Hisham Tawfiq. Dembe is Reddington’s sworn in bodyguard and closest friend. Reddington saved him from being killed in Africa when he was a child and ever since him and Reddington have been together. Dembe is super funny in the show and always has Reddington’s back no matter what making him a very special character.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend watching The Blacklist if you are interested in the whole murder mystery type vibe. The show provides a series of twists and turns around every episode that keeps you hooked and wanting you to never put the show on pause. The first six season of The Blacklist can be found on Netflix while the current season can be watched on the NBC app.