Netflix shows to watch in quarantine

Quality content for a quality quarantine

Watch it!  What else do you have to do?

Watch it! What else do you have to do?

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Bird Box  This movie was a legendary meme, as well as a moving film from the moment it came out. And honestly, I think most of us need a refresher on it. An outbreak caused the world to go to chaos- kind of like what is happening right now! Actually, not exactly, but you know. Outbreaks. And this family/group of people have to survive, and it comes down to three. Boy, Girl, and Sandra Bullock of course. It’s long, but interesting, and honestly, what else have you got to do?


Pandemic This is pretty self-explanatory. It is literally a documentary on pandemics, which we are in, right now. It goes into detail of over the years and what they have done, who it affects, etc. It’s a good watch, you can watch it and go, “Wow. Didn’t see this from the inside of my house.”


Daybreak A zombie outbreak TV-show, and I know what you are thinking, “How many of these are going to be made!” But this is one of the best. Only teenagers survive, they divide themselves just like they would in school. The jocks. The geeks. The music kids. And so on. 10/10 show, funny enough to where you laugh out loud, and interesting to watch.


What happened to Monday, an action movie, literally asking, “what happened to Monday?” And Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday have to find out. It isn’t a comedy movie per-say, but I think the storyline is funny. But still interesting and worth watching, All about over population, and if you ask the conspiracy theorists, that is what this virus is about too.


The Walking Dead, I know, I know, another zombie TV show. But it has tons of episodes to watch well you are cooped up in the house. And if you never watched it you’re missing out. As I was a big fan at age 7, inserting my amazing Halloween costume. Tons of interesting material to watch and enjoy, and lots of ups and downs.


The 100, SUCH a good show. I live by it honestly. Plus, also, lots of seasons to watch! Life on earth after the world ended, includes space, survival, and lots of drama and action.


The Society, teenage survival show, and I know right now, teens are trying to survive not going to the beach. but this show is different. See, all the adults go missing, just *poof* gone. So they must live on what they have, plus they can’t leave their town. No connection to outside world. It’s a great show and worth a watch.


Some Netflix tv shows and movies are just the right medicine during this time, so take a break, de-stress, and enjoy some good old (or new) quarantine entertainment!