On My Block

On My Block needs to be on your radar.


The way Monse cries in the show just makes me laugh…is that bad?

Kinou Louis-Charles, Entertainment/Editorials Editor

The Quarantine pressed the pause button on all of our lives and as we search for ways to fight off boredom, Netflix has become our loyal companion. There are many great shows on the streaming service produced and not produced by Netflix and I am here to talk about one in particular that has caught my attention, On My Block. On My Block has been my binge of choice ever since our normal way of life went sideways and I have to admit I did not expect to be so invested in a show. The plot of the show consists of four high school freshmen trying their best to navigate through a normal teen life while also getting themselves out of gang trouble that runs rampant in their neighborhood and solving discoveries such as hidden money and missing persons. Here are some highlights I found in the third season of On My Block.


Before anything I must say, Jamal carried the show. Jamal, the charismatic, goofy member of the core four and really brought the comedy this season. I think one of  the best moments is when he and Spooky set out to search for lil’ Ricky’s body in the cemetery and when Spooky reveals how he is afraid of ghosts. The line that had me cracking up is when Jamal asks, “How is your name Spooky and you’re afraid of ghosts?” Jamal had a shining presence on the show that got many teens through a portion of this quarantine.


Next can we talk about Jasmine, the true leader of the group when it comes to busting mysteries and taking charge. In the first two seasons I found Jasmine questionable when it came to the way she ran things but season three showed me that she is the boss of the friend group and I don’t care who says different. When it came time to step up and put the details together of where Lil’ Ricky may be hiding, she was the right girl for the job.  However, I just can’t get on bored with her fashion sense she looks like she just walked off a set of a Jojo Siwa music video.


Now here is where I need to give you a spoiler warning and talk about the season finale! I need to let you know that I thought I’d never cry because of a TV show but when I saw the best friend group spilt up, I felt a different kind of hurt. So, a message to the writers and producers of On My Block, if you do not fix everything that went down in the finale, I am sending you the medical bill for my broken heart. Genuinely, I enjoyed On My Block and wish there were more episodes for me to watch during this quarantine; even though there isn’t I’m sure all of us loyal fans will make it through this difficult time.