Detective Pikachu


Believe it or not, this is an actual movie.

Calena Lopez, Staff Writer

So last night I watched Detective Pikachu and let me tell you it was the best movie I have ever watched. Now going into this I did have some major doubts about the movie about the effects with all the Pokémon and how it would really come together as a whole, but when I started watching it I put all my doubts aside. They did so well with the effects and really including a variety of Pokémon into the movie.

At first, I felt like the movie was going to be one of those boring and rushed movies just because I’m a very critical person when it comes down to movies that need all those effects that movie like such would need, but as I continued watching I felt like I was wrong because it felt like they really did put a huge amount of time organizing the storyline along with the characters. Now this is just a personal opinion but I really feel like it would’ve been better if they didn’t include a “love story” in the movie; I feel like if they would’ve included Tim’s journey (the main character searching to find his dad) with his friend Jack who was introduced in the beginning it would’ve made the movie a little bit funnier because they would’ve had that two best friends going through a tough journey but sharing jokes along the way kind of duo in the movie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on them since they decided to add a little bit of romance between Tim and Lucy, but I just feel like it would’ve been better with the best friend duo.

Overall, the movie was great, it gave me something to do while being quarantined that isn’t just playing video games and doing homework. I would definitely watch it again and recommend it to my friends if they haven’t seen it already.