Hancock–a modern day superhero

Will Smith as Hancock

Will Smith as Hancock

Kevin Madley, Staff Writer

Hancock is a 2008 film staring Will Smith. It is a movie unlike any other. It features a superhero named Hancock played by Will Smith, who had gone down a rough path. Hancock has the ability to fly, is invincible, and has incredible strength.

He is shown at the beginning of the movie as an alcoholic homeless man. This being said, he still uses his powers for good; however he struggles to do good. He seems to destroy everything in his path while chasing criminals and often does more harm than good.

This is something that has seemingly happened for a while and the media and public are sick of it.

Hancock meets a man that wants to change his image for the better. This requires Hancock to apologize to the public and spend time in jail. Hancock spends his time in jail even though it is hard, and he struggles at first. Toward the end of his sentence, Hancock seems like a changed man. He is released when there is a big bank heist in the city, and they need his help. He is able to save the day and the hostages, restoring his image to the public.

Everything seems to be happily ever after until we find out that the wife of the man who helped Hancock had the same powers as Hancock. She reveals to Hancock and her husband that Her and Hancock are actually married and that he just can’t remember because they are immortal. Then, she says that when they are too close for too long their powers don’t work. Hancock learns this the hard way when he takes a bullet for someone expecting it not to affect him, however he is seriously wounded from it. We then learn that the wife feels the same pain as Hancock as they are both on the verge of death. Luckily, Hancock remembers what the wife told him, and he tries to put as much distance between them as possible. You can see his powers coming back the further away he gets, and the woman’s health is restored.

Overall, this movie is very interesting and has many twists. I enjoyed watching it and never knew what was going to come next. Will Smith does a tremendous job in Hancock showing how the struggle to success story affects this superhero.

Will Smith as Hancock