Grey’s Anatomy review

Is the show worth watching?


The show has been renewed for a 17th season.

Isabella Harrop, Staff Writer

While everyone is sitting around bored at home scrolling through Netflix to find their next show to watch, I have the perfect one for you. It’s a medical show filled with drama, romance, highs and many lows; it’s a great show to binge watch while lying in bed and eating popcorn. If any of you have watched it before then you can probably guess what I’m about to recommend Greys Anatomy.

The show is focused at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital and they each all began as interns at the hospital. You get to watch them all grow up together and learn new things as they go on. They each grow friendships, some romantic relationship and have a bond that turns them into a family. The show was mostly based around Meredith Grey, who was the daughter of a famous surgeon. It shows how Meredith grew from being just a small intern to having her name on the hospital. Although she didn’t have the best relationship with her mother, she definitely took after her when it came to her job. Although Meredith is the main person in the show, he one who really carried the show would definitely be Miranda Bailey. She was such a hard worker and kept all of her interns in line like Meredith and no one did it better than her, which is why she became chief by keeping the whole place together.

Although many of the original people are no longer in the show it is still a really good . It really shows you the dysfunctional part of working in a hospital but also all the great things they all do when they are together being able to help each other. For example, Richard Weber recently got sick and they all were trying to figure out what was wrong with him. They all wanted to argue over what it could possibly be and how to properly treat him, but after a little bit of time they finally calmed down and were able to work together and figure it out. The show has had 16 seasons so far and they are working on season 17 right now. Season 16 was supposed to have 25 episodes but because of the coronavirus they had to cut production short and now wrap it up with 21 episodes.  They ordered for a season 17 in May of 2019 and it’s supposed to premiere this year with 25 episodes. You better start binge watching it now and eating your popcorn so you can watch season 17 when it premieres!