Movie review: The Dark Knight

An iconic interrogation scene, Batman needs to know the Jokers plan for destroying the city. Photo from

Patrick Roghaar, Copy Editor

The second installment in the Batman movie trilogy certainly proved itself to be the best. Between the casting, the soundtrack, the plot and its magnificent development, and the dark vibe it brings that traditional superhero movies lack, The Dark Knight is a cinematic masterpiece.

The movie continues with the storyline of a now adult Bruce Wayne, played brilliantly by Christian Bale, who runs the rooftops at night to stop crime in Gotham. With the help of police lieutenant Gordon, and the new district attorney Harvey Dent, criminals are getting locked up by the hour. However, with the introduction of the Joker, a psychotic, makeup-wearing clown who crazily ties in comedy to his murderous rampage in Gotham, he quickly becomes Batman and the city’s biggest enemy. The Joker’s actor, Heath Ledger, won an Oscar for best supporting actor. Ledger unfortunately passed away while the movie was in the final editing stages, but his brilliant portray of the infamous villain will never be forgotten. Moreover, Bruce Wayne must come to terms with himself about his path to justice after he sees people around him being murdered every day. Bruce Wayne and his Batman persona have always had on of the darker origin stories and villains of the superhero universe. Gotham is becoming a wasteland, filled to the brim with criminals and madmen. With the Dark Knight’s award-winning soundtrack to fill the background, every scene is suspenseful and has meaning to the storyline. Every side story, every piece of the puzzle is all put together by the end of the film. I have no cons for the movie; I would not change a single thing.

In conclusion, if you haven’t looked into The Dark Knight I suggest doing so immediately. Superhero fan or not, the film is exceptionally well directed by Christopher Nolan and anybody can appreciate a wonderful movie to watch. The Dark Knight earns a ten out of ten as a score. When it comes to action films, nothing can stop the Batman.