LEGO play

The game that shaped my childhood


I am one with the force and the force is with me.

Kinou Louis-Charles, Entertainment/Editorials Editor

If you were to meet me now, you would not think that I was the gamer type, but contrary to popular belief, I, Kinou Louis-Charles, played LEGO Star Wars as a kid. I was introduced to the world of Star Wars by my brother and was immediately amazed by the power of the force and the story of the most famous Jedi, Luke Skywalker (I mean even the name was awesome!) Shortly after discovering the Star Wars series, I discovered LEGO Star Wars, the video game above all video games. This game shaped the entirety of my childhood. I learned what it meant to be a Jedi and the sacrifices you needed to endure to protect the great good. I can hear Yoda speaking to me now, telling me to dig up the old video game CD and indulge in my nostalgia. Instead I’m going to review why I loved Lego Star Wars so much.

The reason that this video game is so great is because it is a combination of, LEGOs, Star Wars, and gaming, the holy trinity. How was my young seven-year-old mind supposed to resist the incredibly stupefying presence of this game, how? Everyone loves LEGOs; you can build cities and awesome giant robots, but combine it with Star Wars and now you have the LEGO death star and your favorite characters in LEGO form. My favorite character was always Princess Leia Organa, who taught me what girl power is and how epic you can be. Then if you combine LEGOs and Star Wars with the ability to play it on a video game, you’re trapped inside a world in the middle of the most epic battle between good and evil.

LEGO Star Wars was also something I used to play with my brother almost every day and it was how we connected as kids. As we worked together to defeat each level, we were growing a bond. Some levels were harder than the others, but we persevered and then celebrated together. I think another reason why I loved the game is because I got to spend time with my first ever best friend. Who knew the satisfaction of destroying the galactic empire was something we had in common? To play without my brother the game wouldn’t have the same feeling that it used to because in that game we were a team. Of course, we started to grow up and LEGO Star Wars became a thing of the past, but we still had each other and our love for the story.