Deck of cards: the ultimate game


The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

Isabella Harrop, Staff Writer

A deck of cards is the ultimate game out there because there are about 75 different games you can play with just a deck of cards and to this day there are more and more games being invented. This is the perfect thing to bring with you anywhere you want to go, especially on camping vacation. This is the ultimate game you can play on a family night for all family to be together and have a great time. It can bring out your fun side or the crazy competitive part of you when playing.

Some of the most popular games are slap jack, crazy eights, go fish, spoons, blackjack, rummy and many more. Most games are fun and super easy to play and plus when you get tired of one you have the option of choosing another without having to bring anything else with you because a deck of cards gives many different options.

Have you ever wondered why there are 52 cards? The answer is simple; the 52 cards represents the weeks in a year, the four suits represent the four seasons and the thirteen cards represent the thirteen lunar cycles. The deck of cards has been out since before AD 1000 and invented by the Chinese.

It is also the perfect thing for all ages. You can play go fish or you can be an adult and play poker or blackjack with your friends for money. You can go from needing no skill at all in one way to needing a lot in a completely different game. Overall, it’s not just a deck a cards; it’s something fun to do with family and friends on a Friday night or a vacation. Along the way it can even teach you different skills. My mom said her favorite card game is rummy, and my dad’s favorite is poker. One of the most challenging cards games I would say is poker because you need a lot of skill for that game and need to really know how to play properly.