Mine the night away: a review of Minecraft


Minecraft offers an array of fun for a person of any age!

Tiaran Vokes, Staff Writer

In a world full of stress, I sometimes find it hard to lift my arm up to press three buttons. But occasionally I find the strength the lord gives me to do it.  I press the three buttons which are the power buttons for my tv, my Xbox One, and the controller. Once these buttons are all pressed, I am then greeted by a screen saying welcome KittyGurl69! I am then asked to choose what game I would like to play, and I always know exactly what I want to play…Modern Warfare 2019, just kidding, it’s Minecraft. I know that may sound nerdy, but I do also play first shooter games to make up for it.  So, anyway, let’s start this review of the Xbox version of Minecraft.


Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Mojang which allows players to explore and build worlds and it only costs $19.99. A sandbox video game is a style where players have minimal limitation, which allows them to roam and change a virtual world at will. The game Minecraft gives you three modes to play, survival, creative, and a useless mode called adventure. In survival mode players must collect resources, build structures, fight mobs, and explore. In creative mob players don’t have to fight for their survival but instead have access to all of the materials to build whatever they want. The last mode available is adventure mode. In adventure mode players are limited to what they can do, you can only place/destroy blocks with certain tools. But we don’t talk about adventure mode because it sucks. If Minecraft didn’t have cheats, then adventure mode would be useless because then you can’t do anything but walk around your world. WIth that being said, survival mode and creative mode are great. Personally, I prefer creative mode because I love to build unique structures to create a neighborhood.  Creative mode allows me to have the freedom of accessing any material I need to build a great structure. The materials I prefer when building are oak wood, cobblestone, stripped oak wood, lanterns, spruce wood stairs, bushes, and flowers. Without creative mode, I would have to destroy hundreds of trees and mine a lot of stone to get the materials needed for my modern wood homes. What makes Minecraft even better is being able to play with your friends by creating a world and sharing it with your Xbox friends. Being able to build wonderful creations or trying to survive and looking for diamonds with friends makes the experience more enjoyable.


If you think saying “I play Minecraft” is embarrassing you shouldn’t believe so. If anything, you should be proud of saying “I play Minecraft” because it’s such a good game, and you can easily spend multiple hours playing without realizing how much time went by. Minecraft is an adventure waiting to be explored. And if I had to rate it out of five stars, it would be a five.