AMC Announces reopening with 15 cent tickets: Is it worth the risk?


Theaters will open with very few new movies.

William Himelhoch, Staff Writer

As we all know COVID-19 has changed the world around us and altered our everyday lives. Mask implementations, sanitary stations, regulations, and more have been put in place looking out for the safety of our country. Commonalities in our lives have been drastically changed and some aspects of our lives have been absent during the preceding months. Only just a couple weeks ago, AMC delivered their statement declaring a reopening of hundreds of theatres. Initially this sounds like a questionable idea.

Typical movie theatres feature groups of people crammed into a closed space, seemingly a breeding ground for COVID. At times, theatres can pack up to 100+ individuals in a very tight space. Not to mention the seats have been used by roughly eight people per day.

AMC advertised selling tickets for only 15 cents. Surely this will cause theatres to be filled to the brim with eager customers, yearning for the sensation of a movie that has been absent for so long. But this is where AMC has implemented COVID-19 safety protocols.

CEO of AMC Entertainment, Adam Aron, stated in an introductory video that theatres will only fill 40% of the seats available. As well as limiting the amount of people in the theatre, AMC has implemented cleaning periods that be used to sanitize and wipe down the seats and handles of the theatre. This initiative has been termed “safe and clean” by Aron and is set to be AMC’s answer to COVID-19.

When ordering seats online, the app will automatically block the seats next to those you have selected. This ensures that there will always be an open seat to the right or left of you, following social distancing protocols.  As is the case for virtually every building, masks are required for entry and must stay on during the film.

Featured films include Tenet, The New Mutants, and a rerun of 42, honoring the recently deceased Chadwick Boseman. These selections of movies are disappointing in the eyes of the public and many want to see bigger titles in the future.

Jeremy Devin, a senior at East Lake High School, voiced his opinion on the matter at hand. When asked about the situation involving the reopening of AMC theatres Devin stated that “we just have to be careful of overcrowding in the theatres” and make sure “workers are wearing masks.” This seems to be the general consensus of all corona related situations. People just want to know that guidelines are being followed and that the safest environment is being created.

Taking all these precautions into consideration, the real question arises, is it worth the risk? Is it so bad not being able to have surround sound and a darkened room to watch a film? Is it so bad not being able to see film immediately after they are released? These are questions one must ask themselves before deciding.

AMC has done everything in their power to be able to open theatres in the safest way possible. But at the end of the day, they cannot create a place that is 100% safe. The final decision resides with the individual on whether or not they want to take the risk for a film that will be available sooner or later.