Among Us has Americans “suspicious”


Among us characters used in the game. These characters can also be decorated with funny decor.

Kara Piehl, Staff Writer

IMPOSTER! Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t see you there. I, along with millions of people, have been recently playing the game called Among Us. This game was released in 2018 by the company Innersloth. When it first came out, people were obsessed with the game. There were videos of Youtubers playing the game, and memes going around about the game. In 2019, the game started to hype down and not get as love. Recently in 2020, a Twitch streamer by the name of SodaPoppin played the game Among Us to his 2.8 million followers of Twitch. People who were watching the stream were interested and wanted to play the game again. Since then, the game has been skyrocketing. The game is currently the 2nd best-selling game in the Apple App Store.


There are 10 people in one game. Out of the ten people, it randomly chooses a person to be the “imposter.” The game starts, and you are given tasks to do throughout. Different rooms have different tasks, and you have given about 5 tasks. These tasks can be things such as using the scanner to analyze yourself, swiping your card into the admin, and fixing the electrical. You must keep watch of the imposter, because they can come at any moment and take you out of the game. When the imposter kills someone, a meeting is called. You must debate with the other users who is the imposter. This causes you to really gather evidence and use your voice to figure out who is the bad guy. After debating, each person gets to vote, and the majority wins and takes the most voted person out of the game. The moment of truth, and what makes all of us players nervous, is when the character goes floating into space, and says whether they were the imposter or not. This game overall reminds me of a crime scene, and we feel like detectives. People are using phrases like “this person looks sus” and “using the vents” to call others out in the game.


Let’s see what some other people have to say about this. Freshman Cameron Lobo states that  “The game is fun and it reminds me of Five Nights at Freddy’s a bit.” Senior Holden Bingman states that the game “isn’t really [his] thing; there are games that are more interesting.” Overall, the game is getting positive reviews and millions are playing. The game is available on computer and on IOS. Come join a game and have some fun.