Jersey Shore review

Iliana Patterson, Staff Writer

Jersey Shore is one of the most iconic reality T.V. shows of all time. The show follows eight people who are picked to spend one summer on the Jersey Shore in a house that they share together. These people often get in huge fights over petty things, making the show very entertaining. There is always some type of drama between the housemates, which never leaves the show with a dull moment.

Though the show seems to have started out as a play on the stereotype of Italian people, the show became wildly popular and became very influential in pop culture. But Jersey Shore is just a reality show comprised mostly of screaming matches and fights, which is what made the show so enjoyable to so many people. Jersey Shore had a huge influence on reality T.V. and many shows modeled themselves after Jersey Shore.

As more and more seasons of the show were made, the housemates became richer, partied more, and became more outrageous, as they partied their way through many other locations, not just the Jersey Shore. What helped make Jersey Shore so popular was how unfiltered the people on the show were. They all say what they’re thinking, no matter how rude, offensive, or how big of a fight they know their words and actions will cause. While not great for creating good relationships with their housemates, these traits were perfect for a reality T.V. show.

Jersey Shore was able to become as popular as it was not just due to cheap drama and fights, but the fact that it was unscripted and the fact that the cast stayed true to themselves. The show is not as fake and edited as other reality T.V. shows, making the show much more appealing and entertaining to the audience.