The Grace Year; what a mistake!

A book full of constant twists and turns.


The novel dedicates a chapter to each season.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

The Grace Year is a New York Times bestseller written by Kim Liggett. The story revolves around the main character; Tierney. She’s a young girl, who has recently turned 16; but it’s no sweet sixteen, not in this town at least. Since every year all the girls in the town who have turned 16 take part in The Grace Year.


The Grace Year is a sort of ritual of the town, sending these young girls into the woods miles upon miles away from town to a small area in which they will reside for a year. All so that they will use up all their magic before they return to the town so that they can’t use their newly found powers to seduce or attack the men of the town. The Grace Year is never talked about, so the young girls have no idea what to expect from the event; all they know is that there will be poachers in the woods, constantly hunting for prey; hunting for them. Tierney’s father had always wanted a son, but to no avail so he basically raised her to be one of the guys. She knew how to survive out there, and she was going to do everything she could to get back home to her family and friends.


The unique way of chapters was something that threw me off at first, but in the end, it works and makes sense. Each chapter is a different season of the year, other than the first and last chapter which are before The Grace Year officially began, and after The Grace Year. So, if you’re a reader who stops reading at the end of each chapter, get comfortable, since you’ll be there for a while.


Ms. Liggett mentions in the end of her book how this story came to be, and it may surprise some, that the idea came from a simple exchange in the subway. When Ms. Liggett saw an older man looking at a little girl, as well as an older woman looking at the same child. She knew the different meaning each look held, one was lustful and the other jealousy. Just like the people in the town, since this is the look they give to all the girls before they leave for The Grace Year, but after they return, they are usually the ones giving those looks of jealousy to the girls now. Jenna Gorddard, a senior at East Lake, states, “The Grace Year is a strong feminist book that teaches young girls the importance of sticking together and supporting each other. It’s a fantastic book and I think all girls should read it. I would give this book a 7/10 rating.”


Overall, the book was amazing, I would give it an 8/10 because there were a few scenes that weren’t explained and that were extremely hard to follow. Ms. Liggett sets up the perfect amount of clues in the beginning of the novel to what is really going on, and these clues are only fully realized in the last few pages of the book, keeping the suspense and mystery going till the very end. And even one of the biggest mysteries is only solved on the last page of the book, making everyone wonder how they didn’t think of that. If you’re a person who loves mystery, suspense, and plenty of plot twists, this is the book for you.