New Girl review

New Girl's main cast

New Girl’s main cast

Iliana Patterson, Staff Writer

The show New Girl, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated T.V. comedies. The show starts as the main character, Jess, moves into an apartment with three guys she met on Craigslist. At first, her roommates think she’s crazy, and even want to kick her out at some point, but as the show progresses, they turn into great friends and get into all kinds of crazy adventures together.

What makes the show New Girl so entertaining is the hilarious cast of characters. Jess often makes crazy decisions, which almost always end up with her dragging her three roommates into her drama, causing the roommates to get into chaotic adventures all of the time. As the show progresses, Jess continues to act like chaotic and child-like, Schmidt becomes extremely image-obsessed, Nick begins to act like a grouchy old man stuck in a thirty year old’s body, and Winston is oblivious to much of what is going on in their loft but is always one to pull pranks on his roommates. The combination of these four characters created hilarious scenarios and is what makes the show great.

New Girl is extremely underrated in my opinion, as most people have never even heard of the show. This show is great to binge-watch and funnier and more entertaining than most of the other sitcoms I have watched. Once you start watching New Girl, it’s hard to get yourself to stop, and I often found myself staying up late to watch just a few more episodes so I could find out what the crazy roommates had gotten into next. Even the show’s side characters are hilarious and add to the crazy situations the four roommates get themselves into. New Girl is a great show to binge watch and will always keep you entertained and glued to the screen, wanting to find out what will happen next.