Will concerts ever come back?

The performers and the audience are all wondering and waiting…


The difference is odd when you look at it from the performer’s eyes.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

As a fellow music loving, adventure craving, concert loving person myself- I’ve almost gone crazy. This is the longest I have gone without going to a concert. And it just feels so… wrong. But among me, these crowd-craving music fans starved from the live music they once enjoyed may need to wait until 2021 before they can finally step foot in that arena again, no matter how many concerts they had planned pre-COVID.


As for now, concert enthusiasts will have to go to smaller shows, with reduced audiences to enable social distancing (and even that isn’t available yet) but some other artists are experimenting with drive-in concerts, paid livestreams and virtual tours. I’ve watched some of my favorite bands preform on livestream, COIN, The Backseat Lovers, etc. And even then, they weren’t the same. Concerts will never be the same for a long time. Some say before they can even start again, there must be a vaccine and/or procedures to help public-health officials as well as concertgoers feel that huge crowds are safe.


Even once big concerts return, temperature checks, touch-less ordering and hand-sanitizer stations could be the new normal for us. As for the concert industry, the pandemic has been devastating on them. Before the coronavirus hit, live music was on track to generate nearly $30 billion in revenue this year, now it has lost 33% of its market value this year.


But the plus side of waiting is that after years of super high, soaring prices–for example, Ariana Grande, BTS and Post Malone each charged over $100 a ticket, on average, last year, while the Rolling Stones cost more than $200—we can all expect the price to fall a little. Plus, the longer we wait, the safer it will be, And as much as I miss concerts- safety is always the number one concern. As they all say, distance makes the heart grow fonder.