Friendships reaching new heights

HIccup’s quick befriending of a dragon.


In this photo, is the moment when Toothless lets Hiccup pet him for the first time, beginning the start of their life long friendship.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

In the movie How To Train Your Dragon; written by John Powell, we see a young Viking who wants nothing more than to slay a dragon and bring honor to his father; the village chief, and ends up with his only friend being a dragon. And not just any dragon, a Night Fury; the most feared and terrifying dragon around, one hated by all the island people.


Hiccup first meets this Night Fury when he is trying to prove to his village that he can take down a dragon and shoots it down from the sky with a net rope. He tracks down the dragon and is about to kill him, when he looks into the dragon’s eyes, and it just gives up resisting. Hiccup then slowly backs away and starts to realize he doesn’t have it in him to kill this dragon, so he releases the dragon from the rope that has it tied up. And the dragon dashes away, but not before roaring in Hiccup’s face, leaving him terrified.


Eventually Hiccups decides to search for the dragon once more, and their unusual friendship begins. Leaving Hiccup to find that when he shot him down, he tore off a part of the dragon’s tail, leaving him flightless and unable to leave the area he is trapped in, due to the high cliffs which he cannot reach. Hiccup decides to help this dragon and fix his tail by making a fake wing that will allow him to fly again. During this time, Hiccup names the dragon Toothless, due to him being able to contract and retract his teeth.


Hiccup’s father; the village chief, soon sets out to find the dragon’s nest so he can destroy it once and for all, and to keep the dragons from coming back. Before he sets off, he puts Hiccup in training with the other kids his age in preparation for them to kill a dragon of their own. Hiccup doesn’t do well, until he begins to use tricks that he finds by hanging out with Toothless, and soon becomes top of his class, earning jealousy from the former top of the class, Astrid. Hiccup eventually makes a tail for Toothless to wear, but it only allows him to fly why Hiccup is riding on his back, controlling how the tail turns.


Soon enough, however, Hiccup is caught with Toothless, and the village soon finds out by taking away Toothless and leaving Hiccup all alone…almost. Hiccup’s father decides to use Toothless to find the nest of all dragons, leaving the island with an army of other villagers…and Toothless. Until Hiccup decides to get back his dragon with the help of a few new friends. They go not only to save Toothless, but the entire village from the threat that hides in the nest of the dragons. In the end, Hiccup manages to save Toothless and all the villagers from the threat, and soon enough the whole village begins to rely and love on dragons just as much as Hiccup.


Overall, I loved the entirety of the movie, and watching the growth of friendship between Hiccup and Toothless really warms my heart. It’s a great movie for all ages and has all sorts of happy-go-lucky scenes and Toothless and Hiccup become the best of unlikely friends. The move helps to show that even the most unwilling are able to change their ways. I would rate it a 9/10 since it was able to warm my heart the entire movie, and still left a little realism in with the surrealism, especially at the end of the movie. Viktoria Martinez, a senior at East Lake says, “I loved this movie so much; it just seemed to leave an impact on me without me even noticing. I would have to rate it an 8/10.”