A stinging disaster

The Bee Movie

Even for a cartoon, this movie is highly unrealistic.

Even for a cartoon, this movie is highly unrealistic.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

The Bee Movie is about a bee named Barry B. Benson, who just doesn’t see things the same as all the other bees in the hive. He wants to explore and doesn’t want to just be stuck at the same old job his whole life. Barry had only just finished Bee College with his best friend and cousin, Adam.


When Barry and Adam are trying to choose their forever job, Barry takes off and decides he wants to see the human world before he loses the chance. So he takes off with the Bee Jocks (the Bees who leave the hive, and collect the pollen to make honey). Before Barry leaves, he’s given a reminder about the outside world. They tell him how Bees can’t fly in rain and to never break the rule of…never talking to humans.


Once Barry is out, he sees the wonders of the human world, but soon gets caught in the rain and lands in the home of a young florist named Vanessa. Vanessa soon saves Barry’s life from another human who had attempted to smash him with a shoe. After this, Barry is instantly drawn towards her, and in an attempt to thank her for saving him, he breaks the rule and talks to her. The two become almost immediate friends, and hang out together all the time, and soon go shopping together, only for Barry to learn of humans stealing Bee’s hard-earned honey.


Barry goes around and begins to collect evidence against the humans who are taking the honey and intends to sue them. It takes a long time, but soon enough, Barry wins the case, and all honey is taken away and returned to Bees from all around the world, which causes an overflow, so Bees have to stop working, and end up just relaxing around all the time. Once the Bees stop collecting pollen to make honey, plants all around the world begin to slowly die, and there’s no way to pollinate them any more. This makes Barry realize exactly what he did, and he must help the rest of his colony find the last of the flowers, in an attempt to fix his mistake, and manage to pollinate the plants and flowers.


Overall, the Bee Movie was very unrealistic, and kept making the insinuation that bees are the only creature capable of pollinating things, as if butterflies don’t exist. And the re-pollination scene was completely unrealistic, since the life in all of the plants, flowers, and grass immediately came to life once pollen came in contact with it, when it should have taken way longer. It also gave bees machinery, and guns to collect pollen, making me think that it doesn’t matter what creature has pollen guns, so Bees don’t have to Bee the ones collecting pollen in the first place; a moth or mosquito could do it. And so, while I still enjoy the beginning of the movie, I would have to rate the movie a 3/10, since I just can’t get over the amount of unrealism in the movie. Although, others such as Connor Allen; a senior at East Lake, still love the movie. He said “I would rate the movie a 10/10. If I had to watch it again, I wouldn’t though.”