Go up in the Clouds


A poster of the movie Clouds which is based on a true story. Here Fin Argus who plays Zach Sobiech a teenage boy who is still inspired to sing music through the toughest events in life.

Kiara Perez Cans, Staff Writer

The movie Clouds by Disney is a must watch movie because it is based on a true story and the story is beyond remarkable and inspiring. It was released in 2020 on Disney Plus and anyone who has watched it knows it’s such a wonderful movie. The movie stars Fin Argus (Zach Sobiech), Sabrina Carpenter (Sammy Brown) and Madison Iseman (Amy).

This inspiring story starts up with the life of Zach Sobiech and how some events in his life made him make some life changing choices. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and that turned his last months into the best months of his life. He decided to make a band called A Firm Handshake with his best friend Sammy and record a song that was later a hit, “Clouds.” The movie was made because Zach’s mom, Laura Sobiech, wrote a book called Fly a Little Higher: How God Answered a Mom’s Small Prayer in a Big Way. This book was released in May 13.2014 and it specifically speaks of her child and the most important moments. She speaks of how her boy Zach used his voice to inspire many people through his songs and later his fund for cancer. Not only is his song a hit but it reached #1 on iTunes once and it is still listened to this day. The good thing is that the actors portray the characters really well and truly go into the emotion one feels when in that type of situation; for example, Zach’s mom throughout the movie and his best friend Sammy.

Now be prepared: the movie is a big shock and it is very emotional. It is recommended to see the movie and learn about the real-life story and maybe even read the book. As Zach says “You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living.” So, go and enjoy life now and not tomorrow or later.