Rise of the Caveman


New surroundings can bring a better future.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

The Croods is an animated movie that came out in 2013 with a second movie that just came out this November. The Croods gives people a new look at cavemen, but while incorporating animals that have never existed into the movie to give a fictional feel to it.


Eep is the main character, and she struggles at the constant rules her family has for surviving in this strange world. Eep and her family are cavemen, and they are one of the last, as Eep starts off by telling the audience what happened to the other cavemen families that were previously around. One day, Eep decides she’s had enough of the rules, and follows a shining orange light leaving the cave at night (which is against one of the rules), where she meets Guy (and his pet sloth, Belt), and her adventure begins.


Guy warns her that the world is ending and asks her to go with him, so that they can escape ‘The End’. She of course refuses, so he gives her a shell to call him if she lives. Soon her father wakes up to find that she left the cave and goes to get her. When the two are back near the cave and reunite with the rest of the family, the ground begins to shake, and break apart, leaving their cave destroyed and a beautiful new world open, having been hidden by a cliff that was now gone. They head over and search for a cave, unsure on how to handle their new surroundings and meeting strange new creatures. Soon enough, Eep finds herself in trouble, and blows the shell, causing Guy to rush over to save her, where he meets her family.


Guy unwillingly joins the family on their search for a cave, as they have him trapped in a log, since they think they need him to survive. The log ride does soon end, and Guy now willingly helps them along, while still trying to avoid ‘The End’.


The family bonds with Guy as he guides them to the mountain, leaving Grugg (Eep’s father) to become jealous since he had always led and taken care of the family. Soon enough into the movie ‘The End’ catches up to them a few times, leaving them in a panic frenzy and they hurry along. Twists and turns arise as they reach the mountain leaving the family afraid, leaving Grugg to save the day and for Eep to finally realize just how much she loves her father.


Overall, The Croods is an amazing movie that really made me appreciate my family. I would have to give the movie a 8/10, since it had not just an amazing plot, but the consistency and growth of the characters was absolutely perfect, and if one has not yet watched The Croods you’re truly missing out. Samantha Wynn, a senior at East Lake stated, “I’d rate it an 8/10; I liked how Eep was the outcast, how she wanted to explore out of her family’s comfort zone, that she wanted to break out of her dad’s control and she was able to.”