Villain gone good


Watch as Metrocity’s worst villain slowly turns into the only good guy.

Sarah Thompson, Staff Writer

In the movie Megamind, which came out in 2010, we get to watch from the villain’s perspective throughout almost the entire movie, except for a scene or two. We watch as this blue-headed genius came from another planet along with another baby, Metroman, and see their life-long rivalry begin. When Megamind first arrives on Earth (In Metrocity), he flies into a prison where the inmates raise him to be evil, and as just a toddler, he makes a jailbreak for the prisoners. All the while, Metroman becomes the son of a rich man, and quickly wins over the hearts of everyone around him. The two meet soon again in school, and Megamind is bullied and left out, and even when he tries to win over his fellow classmates, he fails and gets in trouble, that’s when he realizes that since he is only good at being bad, then he would be the baddest of them all.


Years pass in a matter of moments, and Megamind recounts all their battles and all of his losses. And then we Megamind in prison, as Metroman is at the reveal for a statue built in his honor, when Megamind’s minion, (also named) Minion goes and helps to break him out of prison with a transformation watch that appears throughout the movie, up until the end. Megamind crashes the celebration in form of a live video, where he has kidnapped Miss Roxanne Riche, a news reporter, she yells to Metroman where she was taken, and as he rushes over there with his power of flight, and superspeed, he comes to a realization……a trap. Megamind blasts Metroman with the power of the sun, leaving nothing but a skeleton and a burned cape to land on him. After years and years of failed attempts he finally won, and Metrocity was his. Only problem is that soon enough he realizes he missed getting his butt kicked. So he comes up with a plan to create his own hero to battle once more.


Using DNA from Metroman’s cape, Megamind manages to create a ‘pill’ of sorts that will give a single person the same powers and weaknesses as Metroman, and as he begins to train this hero, he also begins to fall in love, with none other than Roxanne Riche. He uses the transformation watch to take the form of Bernard and starts to date Roxanne not knowing that the ‘hero’ he is training is also in love with her. Not long after, Roxanne learns the truth and leaves Megamind, leaving him to do the one thing he’s good at, being bad. So he waits for Titian, the new hero on the day of their battle, only to discover that he turned evil after being rejected by Roxanne. Titian begins to wreak havoc on Metrocity, leaving Roxanne and Megamind to go to Metroman’s secret base, where they learn that not everything is as it seems.


Overall, Megamind is one of my favorite movies to watch, and it has so many funny lines and jokes in it, making it a perfect family comedy with quotes such as “There is no Easter Bunny, there is not Tooth Fairy, and there is no Queen of England!” I would have to rate it a 9/10, and other than the fact that there are a few things that absolutely would never happen, I would rate a 10/10. But I just cannot overlook things like the fact that the warden and guards at the prison, let the inmates raise Megamind, and even locked Megamind up before he even did anything wrong. John St. Perre, a senior in high school said “Honest opinions, 8/10, definitely a good original idea.”