A true Christmas miracle


The show was released November 10th, 2020 and seems to be doing very well on the Netflix platform.

Lauren McCloy, Staff Writer

Another year, another seasonal Christmas rom com for me to obsess over. But this one is a TV show! Eight episodes of pure joy and happiness on the Netflix streaming site. The amazing leads, great storyline, and cinematic storytelling make this one of the best TV shows I have watched in a while.


The New Netflix series is based off the young adult book series Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. Also produced by Shawn Levy (yes, also produced Stranger Things, slightly a different vibe from it though.) The show is a rom com at heart, it goes back and forth from the point of views of two New York City teenagers. Two strangers, who get to know each other when Dash, the male lead, a cynical, smart, Christmas hating boy runs into a red notebook at the Strand Bookstore. This notebook, sends him on a scavenger hunt, and at the end leads him to a dare. As he completes it, he finds himself in an overwhelming sensation of joy as he writes back.


On the other end of the story, Lily is a cheerful, somewhat naive high school girl with no love life. She goes to an all-girls school and when she isn’t busy, surrounds herself with adults from her carol group. Lily started the diary after her brother Langston recommended it as a way to make friends or even a boyfriend. Lily is very unsure about this at first, but after Dash writes back she embraces the idea. And although Dash hates Christmas, Lily makes sure to keep him in the Christmas spirit.


The rest of the story is for you to watch, the show is different from any hour rom com and is perfect for a binge Christmas night. The characters were perfectly casted making this show a delight to watch. It’s a Christmas miracle.